Why can you on CHUWI Hi10 Air with FHD screen watch the 4K video?

ChHUWI Hi10 Air

At present, the screen resolution of smart devices rarely exceeds 2K. Does that mean that we can’t watch 4K or HD video on smart devices? What is the relationship between video resolution and the resolution of display device?

The video finally displayed on the screen is divided into three processes: decoding, output, and display. Decoding refers to the process of decompressing digital video, which is mainly divided into hardware decoding and software decoding. Hardware decoding is mainly decoded by GPU, while software decoding is decoded by CPU. The output process refers to the way to connect the playback device with the display mainly through HDMI and DP port. Display refers to the display device that presents the final picture.

When the display is separated from the video playback device, all these three parts are needed to meet the demand of 4K play if you want to watch a 4K video. That is, the processor supports 4K decoding, the display has 4K resolution, and the mainframe and display are connected by HDMI or DP.

Taking CHUWI Hi10 Air as an example, let’s see how it performs when playing 4K video.

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As you can see from the picture above, CHUWI Hi10 Air can play 4K video smoothly as it packs Intel’s 8th generation HD Graphics GPU, which supports 4K hardware decoding. Although the screen resolution is 1920*1200, which does not meet the 4K standard, CHUWI Hi10 Air can play 4K video perfectly from the screenshot above for the GPU can easily complete hardware decoding. Limited by screen resolution, only FHD resolution is finally presented.

How to watch the original 4K video on CHUWI Hi10 Air? In fact, we just need to use CHUWI Hi10 Air as a video decoding and playing device and connect CHUWI Hi10 Air to a 4K display through the HDMI port, so that we can enjoy the visual experience of 4K video. You can find the tablet available for example on Aliexpress or Amazon.

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  1. PaperMaker
    December 12, 2018

    OR we can buy a regular TV that supports 4K, and watch 4K movies on it! 🤯🙀