Huawei smart body fat scale (WiFi version) unveiled for 199 Yuan ($29)

Huawei has released its new smart body fat scale (WiFi version) in Changsha, China. A fair knowledge of the fat content of the body gives a good understanding of our body fat. For two people with similar weight and height, the one with the higher fat content will appear fatter than the other.

Huawei smart fat scale is equipped with the BIA fat-measuring chip which has 5 times higher detection accuracy. It can accurately measure various body data and analyze your body age. This knowledge will motivate you to take a fitness activity to make your body more energetic and younger. Not only that, Huawei’s smart body fat scale WiFi version with the app can provide comprehensive physical reports and enhance targeted recommendations.

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Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale App can record changes in body weight, fat rate, etc., and provide a body radar map, allowing you to easily view the results of exercise. In addition, the Huawei smart body fat scale WiFi version can also accurately give static heart rate, professional psychological stress rating, and rich relief decompression training. This device arrives with a 199 Yuan ($29) price tag which is consistent with many fat smart scales in the market.

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