Huawei will spend $2 billion to rebuild its international reputation

A campaign against Huawei has been underway for some months, led by the United States of America, to which many other countries are joining. The Chinese giant is afraid of its alleged ties with the Chinese government and is accused of creating a risk to world security.

The situation is rapidly deteriorating, particularly after the arrest of Huawei’s CFO in Canada, with allegations of having violated the embargo against Iran and is likely to worsen with a new lawsuit in the United States.

After the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, with Japan and France ready to veto, even the Czech Republic has forbidden local telephone operators to use Huawei technology to build 5G networks, speaking openly about ” risks to national security ” .

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According to Drusan Navratil, director of the National Network and Information Security Agency (NCISA), Chinese laws require private companies to collaborate with intelligence agencies. The fear is that Huawei and the other Chinese manufacturers will install backdoors in their network devices to allow the Chinese government to intercept all communications, which would effectively represent a serious risk to global security.

Huawei will invest 2 billion dollars to upgrade the security infrastructure

The accusations do not leave indifferent the Chinese colossus that does not accept the accusations addressed by western countries and goes to counterattack. Ken Hu, current president of Huawei, has convened a press conference, inviting some journalists to the headquarters of Huawei Technologies Ltd.

Ken Hu said his company will invest two billion dollars over the next five years to upgrade security infrastructure and make it even more effective. In a rare opening moment, journalists who attended the press conference were able to visit the laboratories of Huawei’s Research and Development Center to find out what Huawei is doing to improve.

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  1. freedomstolen
    December 19, 2018

    “upgrade security infrastructure”.

    Yeah, secure the spying and ensure it goes undetected!

    The United States is no saint, but China is no laggard when it comes to sniffing ass! Most of the spyware and crapware in software on Chinese phones originate from China. We cannot do anything about hardware embedded spying though, unless we stop buying Chinese products. The only solution is for every country to innovate and encourage local design and manufacturing.

    Now, if only someone could stand up to US sponsored spying (NSA, CIA etc.).

  2. Aaron Carmen
    December 20, 2018

    I’m from Canada and would consider getting a Huawei over a Samsung or an iPhone.

    • delorane delorane
      December 21, 2018

      you have no worry except you work in defense or something worth spying on :). not on regular guys like us

  3. delorane delorane
    December 21, 2018

    more like to spend 2billion on bribes and price subsidies to it can penetrate 3rd world countries who put cell tech advancements on top of espionage.

    • freedomstolen
      December 22, 2018

      Couldn’t agree more. +1