Smartmi Car Air Purifier Officially Announced at 349 Yuan ($51)

Smartmi Car Air Purifier

On December 30, Smartmi Company announced that the Smartmi Car Air Purifier will be officially launched at the official flagship store of Tmall Zhimi tomorrow, priced at 349 yuan ($51).

Smartmi Company is a Xiaomi eco-chain enterprise, launched various models such as the Mijia Air Purifier MAX, Mijia Air Purifier Pro, Mijia PM2.5 Tester, etc. Thus, many Mijia products are made by Zhimi Company. But this company has also launched its own products, including the Smartmi electric heater, Smartmi natural wind fan, and so on.

The Smartmi Car Air Purifier adopts a high-quality DC brushless motor and is equipped with a twin-turbo fan. The power makes the airflow inside the car form a three-dimensional cycle. Due to the unique 360° air inlet design, built-in dual EPA12 filter, and powerful filtration PM0.3CADR of a value up to 70m3 /h, the airflow in the car is quickly circulated and filtered. Thus, it takes not that long to clean the air inside the car.

According to the official introduction, the advantage of the high-quality DC brushless motor inside the Smartmi Car Air Purifier is that it does not use a mechanical brush device, and the brushless block can make the rotation speed faster, the noise lower, and the usage longer. The Smartmi Car Air Purifier adopts a high-quality motor supplied from Japan, and this high-speed rotating motor provides continuous power for cleaning the air in the whole machine.

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Moreover, the single-motor equipped with a dual-turbine fan using a dual-filter structure design improves the filtration efficiency a lot. In other words, the air in the cabin is effectively filtered. The twin-turbine fan with a dual-filter design makes filtration more efficient, including the power consumption. The barrel shape makes the structure smaller and the filtration area is larger. The expansion area of a single EPA filter element is about 2700 square centimeters, and the filtration efficiency of particles as small as 0.3 micron reaches 99.68%. The high-tight filter cartridge allows the inhaled air to be filtered through the EPA filter.

Zhimi Car Air Purifier

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