Xiaomi Launches 70-meter Car Purifier Pro at 299 Yuan ($44)

70-meter Car Purifier Pro

Recently, Xiaomi ecological chain company released a new product, namely the 70-meter Car Air Purifier Pro. At present, the product is sold only in Xiaomi. The price is 299 yuan ($44), including the PM2.5 filter, originally priced at 39 yuan ($5.76), and the formaldehyde filter priced at 59 yuan ($8.71).

The appearance of the 70-meter Car Air Purifier Pro is inspired by Van Gogh’s masterpiece ‘Starry Night’. It also comes with an aluminum alloy oxidized metal ring. Its compact body has a CADR value of up to 52m3/h, which efficiently outputs clean air, and it takes only 3.3 minutes to purify a conventional sedan family car.

70-meter Car Purifier Pro

This product also uses a more complex rear-tilt centrifugal fan to improve the impeller cut. While increasing the air output by 15%, the noise operation is reduced to 5db(A). There is a built-in Cubic Optoelectronics photoelectric dust sensor that allows users to detect PM2.5 changes in the car in real time. Also, it can intelligently adjust the purifier working position for the better performance. By the way, its core components use Japanese brand ball bearings. The car purifier has no carbon brush wear, and provides a faster speed and a longer life.

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It is worth mentioning that filter paper is one of the key factors for obtaining clean air. In this sense, the 70-year-old E&HH11 high-efficiency filter paper was selected to effectively intercept invisible particles such as dust, smoke, PM2.5, and pollen, and layer protection to achieve double purification. At the same time, the 70-meter Car Purifier Pro also uses a USB power supply. So when turning it on the silent mode, users can hardly notice that the purifier is working. In this mode, the motor consumes only 1W, which is more energy-saving.

When the user opens the 70-meter app, the air quality in the car can be checked in real time, and the working mode can be adjusted according to actual needs. At the same time, the app also has a filter replacement reminder.

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  1. Freeje238
    January 18, 2019

    This won’t fit in a car. You need a humongous truck for this one. Didn’t know iyou have to use ancient filter paper too.

    • Cinegain
      January 18, 2019

      The Luft Qi (Indiegogo project) might be a better idea then.