How Often Do Android Smartphones Update?

Android has been occupying most of the smartphone operating system market since its development. Unfortunately, there is a huge fragmentation in the Android smartphones camp. This requires manufacturers to get the latest Android system released by Google as soon as possible to improve the performance their models provide.

Android update cycle

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That is to say, many Android smartphone vendors are attentively following Google to update their handsets with the latest Android version in time. We should note that many of the current smartphone manufacturers are offering too many models that are also the main reason for slowing down the update schedule. Many models require a lot of manpower and time to adapt.

Recently, some users conducted a little research in order to find out the update cycle of major mainstream Android vendors, including Samsung Galaxy S series, Huawei P series, LG G series, HTC, Sony Xperia series, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Nokia, and Moto Z series.

The results of the chart are as follows: Motorola has the shortest update cycle of as short as 90 days for Android 7.0, while LG’s update cycle is up to 270 days. LG also has the longest update cycle for Android 8.0, which takes the company to update its phones in up to 320 days. As expected, the Sony Xperia X series has the fastest result of 100 days. As for Android 9.0 system, the update cycle is only 60 days at OnePlus and Sony Xperia X, while the Moto’s update time is up to 160 days.

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Actually, Google’s Android system has security updates every month. But from the data point of view, no manufacturer can do it every month.

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