Motorola’s foldable smartphone appears in a patent

Motorola has recently filed a patent application that features a foldable smartphone with some interesting features. We’re talking about a tablet that folds into a phone, or a phone that folds out into a tablet.

The patent application had been filed by Motorola both at the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) and at the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), it was published last January 10th to be then discovered and analyzed by LetsGoDigital team.

The patent in question is called “Deformable electronic device with methods and systems for controlling the deformed user interface”. What it basically describes is a device which, once folded, can be operated on one screen with the results showing on the other. Sounds complicated and counterintuitive, but imagine scrolling on the back screen with your finger and the content on the front screen moves.

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The design drawings contained in the patent, bellow you see examples, also illustrate other modes of interaction through various gestures such as simple touches, pressures, pinch and so on.

There is also talk of the presence of two cameras to detect the user’s face to allow the device to understand which half of the display is viewed by the user and which one is not.

The idea is undoubtedly particular, but as usual, since it is a patent, we have no certainty that a hypothetical Motorola foldable smartphone will actually be that way.

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  1. Mike pHuckabee
    January 24, 2019

    Hey just take my giant phone I have now and make it smaller please so it disappears in my front pocket