Redmi Note 7 perforated protective case goes on sale for 27 Yuan ($4)

Two weeks ago, Xiaomi announced that it will have a perforated protective case for the Redmi Note 7. Today, this perforated case hit the market for only 27 yuan ($4). At the time of the announcement, there was no idea why the company decided to use a specially designed perforated case for this smartphone. However, Lei Jun gave the reason today. He said that netizens feedback has emphasized their disdain for the rear fingerprint sensor which makes the rear of the device look “ugly” after putting on the case. This new case is designed such that the exact hole for the fingerprint sensor is not visible at first glance.

This perforated case is currently available in four colours – yellow, black, orange and skyblue. It is understood that this “hole” protective shell has a 0.8 mm ultra-thin feel, with a unique mesh design withPC material, anti-slip, and anti-skid features. Some netizens said that this case is a bit scary but Lei Jun replied: “In fact, it is good.” 

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Previously, Xiaomi Product Director had shared his experience regarding the new protective case. “It feels good, it has a hard touch, and it looks cool after it is put on…”

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