Xnspy Review: Finally, there’s a spy app that you could use in China


China finally has a spyware for the prying eyes that have been yearning to know what their spouse or partner had been doing behind their backs. And then there are desperate parents, too, who want to know if their kids are not surfing adult content or being catfished online. Xnspy is the mobile monitoring app that we are going to talk about in this special post on the availability of commercial spyware in China.

Xnspy: Main Features

At the moment, Xnspy offers more than 35 features with its premium subscription. Here are some of its key ones:

Remote control: There are many ways a user can control a smartphone using Xnspy’s remote control features. Let me explain two of them to you:

  1. Surround record: Suppose the person you are looking to monitor is out for a tour and you want to know what’s going on around them. You can simply turn to this feature which records the surroundings of the monitored phone. It works by accessing the microphone of the phone. If you want to know about the phone surroundings, go to your Xnspy account and select “Surround Record” in the remote control section of the features. It can record surroundings for up to 30 minutes for every recording command that’s sent and then uploads them to your account where you can listen to them.
  2. Lock phone:If you are a parent, then you must be familiar with the pain of taking the phone from your kid and locking their screen to restrict their use. Xnspy makes it easier for the parents or anyone who wants to control the smartphone use of the monitored person. Its remote lock feature enables you to lock the phone from anywhere which can only be unlocked by a code set by you.

Watchlist Alerts: Another one of Xnspy’s premium features is its watch list alerts. Let us say you want to be apprised of only the important activity on the monitored phone, then how can you know about anything important without the hassle of going through all the phone records? Watchlist is a feature for all those users who want to be informed about the key activities on the monitored phone. You can set separate watch lists for words, contacts, emails, and locations in your Xnspy account. Let us say you have watch listed the word “kill.”. If this word is exchanged on the phone, you are instantly sent an alert by Xnspy. This is how the rest of the watch lists work.


Trying out a new mobile spy app is a concern. If you know, most of these apps required jailbreaking or rooting the monitored smartphone before we could use them on the phone. This was troubling and especially for the iPhone users who are no longer able to jailbreak their phones after the iOS 9.

Thankfully, Xnspy no more commands strict compatibility requirements which makes it a favorite among the users. Android users can run it on any previous or recent Android versions. Android P is the latest version that Xnspy supports right now. The iPhone users are lucky that they do not have to install the app on the phone. They would only need to pair the monitored iPhone with the Xnspy account. As for iPhone, it is compatible with the latest iOS 12.1.


Xnspy: How does it work?

Xnspy is an app that can work on both Android and iOS devices. You can see calls, messages, locations, keylogger, and much more with this mobile spy app. If you are interested in knowing about the social media activity on the monitored phone, it gives you access to all the popular messaging services, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Viber, etc. You can also see the internet history of the phone including the sites they regularly visit and their detailed internet analysis in your Xnspy account.

Xnspy does not offer support for windows or desktop operating systems but it can be used on the latest iOS and Android devices. When you have decided which device you want to monitor, visit their website and look for the right version that is compatible with the monitored phone. Xnspy is not a free app and you can only use it after subscribing to it. Both its versions for Android and iPhone have different setup procedures. Here is how to setup Xnspy on each of them:

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Setting up on Android phone:

  • Subscribe to the app on the official website http://xnspy.com/.
  • After the subscription, you will receive an email with login credentials and download link.
  • You will need access to the monitored phone once to download the app on it.
  • Use the download link on the browser of the Android phone and download the app.
  • Install Xnspy after it is finished downloading. It will require about 10MB of space.
  • It will disappear in the background after the installation is complete.
  • Now visit the link https://cp.xnpsy.com which is the login page of Xnspy.
  • Use the login credentials sent to your email earlier to access the account.
  • After logging in, you will get access to all of the features on the main menu.

Setting up Xnspy on iPhone

Luckily for iPhone users, there is no need to install Xnspy. All they need to do is to enable iCloud backup on the monitored iPhone and pair a person’s iCloud credentials with Xnspy. You could access your Xnspy account through https://cp.xnpsy.com and enter the iCloud credentials of the monitored iPhone to pair its iCloud account with your Xnspy account. Once paired, you will receive all the updates on your Xnspy account.

It is important to mention one thing here that for either of their versions, Xnspy takes almost 24-28 hours to upload all information from the monitored phone to your account. So you may have to wait until the data is uploaded.

Current Price Plans

One thing that concerns every user is the price of the app. No one wants to break the bank no matter what kind of features they are getting. While there are some mobile monitoring apps in China that go as high as $400 for the annual subscription, Xnspy has kept its price fairly affordable so that any type of user can use it. It offers its existing packages in different price plans so that you have the liberty to use the app for as long as you want.

Xnspy mobile spy app categorizes its features in two different packages. The first one is called Basic package and comprises of all the standard features. This one is more useful for beginners who don’t want to go beyond standard surveillance. In this package, you get access to the call logs, phonebook, messages, and emails, etc. The basic package is available for around $8/month when billed annually.

The Premium package has not only all the advanced features of Xnspy but also include the basic package features as well. If you are looking for pro-level surveillance, then this one is just right for you. But the most notable thing is the price of this package. By only paying a few dollars more, you get all the regular as well as the advanced features. It costs $12.49 per month for the annual package.

Both these packages can also be subscribed for monthly and quarterly plans over the annual plans. The only thing that you might complain here is that it does not offer any trial version, unlike its competitors. If you really want to know how it works, then visit the demo version available on their website.

Final words

Xnspy is a one of tap rated mobile spy app. It is offering many cool and impressive features. Its compatibility with the latest iOS and Android versions also makes it one of the best in the business. Last but not least, the affordable price certainly makes it an app worth trying.


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