Huawei India CEO: The Indian government is very supportive of Huawei

The Chinese smartphone market is the largest in the world, however, this market is highly congested such that the big manufacturers are now looking out of China. India is the next destination as the second largest market in the world. Nevertheless, Xiaomi was fast in capturing this market and it has occupied the No. 1 spot for over a year. Huawei India market CEO, Jay Chen, said that although some countries have so-called security concerns about Huawei’s products, the Indian government is very supportive of Huawei. Jay Chen said: “In all my contacts with the Indian government, no one thinks that our products have problems. They all said that they understand Huawei… No one told me that there is a problem with our products.”

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Huawei is the world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment in the world, but in recent months, it has been slammed by the US government, which is urging its allies to refuse to use Huawei’s 5G network equipment. At the same time, Huawei is also struggling to counterattack and denying any security risks in its production. Huawei has previously stated that the Indian government has invited the company to conduct 5G testing in the Indian market. But at present, the Indian government has not yet decided when to conduct a formal 5G test.

Huawei also said its investment plans in the Indian market include new laboratories and the promotion of the 5G ecosystem. Jay Chen said: “I believe that if the spectrum auction can be successfully held this year, we should start the plan by 2020.” Jay Chen also said: “We don’t want to miss the Indian market, we have to put all the new Technology here.”

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In addition to India, the German and Italian governments also said they are not worried about Huawei’s equipment. Earlier this week, senior German government officials said that although the US government issued a security warning against the use of Huawei’s equipment, the German government tends to let Huawei participate in the construction of high-speed Internet infrastructure. Michele Geraci, Italian deputy minister of economic development, also said that they are not worried about Huawei’s network equipment. Gerachi said: “I don’t think Huawei is a problem. For me, this is just one of the 25 equipment manufacturers you can choose. They have different prices and different quality.”

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