Xiaomi wants to see three times more Mi Stores in Europe

Mi Store

That’s an undeniable fact that Chinese companies, apart from OnePlus, are having a bad time trying to make a dent in the United States soil. However, things are going pretty well in Europe. Currently, the Chinese OEMs have a third of the European market share, Huawei and its Honor brand are probably among the most popular Chinese companies in Europe, but Xiaomi is also setting some ambitious goals in the territory for this year.

According to Xiaomi’s vice president, Wang Xiang, the Chinese Behemoth will be moving earth and skies to triple its physical store in Europe. Currently, the Apple of China has a total of 50 stores in the region but wants to go over 150 until the end of 2019. That’s not a surprise since the company started to experience some good results over the last two years in all the three segments it operates – mid-range, low-end and premium smartphones.

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While Xiaomi’s mid-range offerings were the reason why the company became so popular over the past years in China, and India, the fact that Europeans have in general a strong spending power, could explain why Xiaomi’s premium offerings are turning popular in the region. Also, that’s one of the reasons why Huawei and its usually expensive phones are doing so well there.

Currently, only time will tell if the Chinese company will achieve the expected results in Europe, but the overall results point that reaching its goal isn’t a distant dream.

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  1. Valentin Tanczik
    February 27, 2019

    Then when the f*** will they open their first official store in Germany?

    • Cyril Dieudonne
      February 27, 2019

      ^^ france and italy come first

  2. Freeje238
    February 27, 2019

    And it should be well stocked!

  3. Cinegain
    February 27, 2019

    Same. I’d like to see this as well.

    I also then would like to see prices more similar to Chinese MI Stores.
    Else I might still import it myself and be cheaper…

  4. mikeyd
    February 27, 2019

    that would be great! like all the other comments: same price as in china, good stock, and also 2 year warranty.
    bye bye samsung,Iphone, Huawei,…..

  5. Cyril Dieudonne
    February 27, 2019

    the real question is what will they sell in their shops. I live in China, but one day, maybe, I’ll comeback to western EU. So far, xiaomi shops sell… nothing. A couple of phones, a couple of earplugs and some gadgets. at least 2/3 of their products are still missing. I expect to see their laptops with local layouts. German, French, Swiss markets and probably others, need localized layouts. Qwertz, Azerty, etc.
    Please Xiaomi, do somehting.

  6. Juan Agustin Massa
    April 6, 2019

    How can you expect to have same selling prices in Europe like in China, where the costs of import, rent, salaries and taxes are completely different…