Yunmi Smart Door Lock hit major Chinese stores for 699 Yuan ($104)

This morning, Yunmi, released its new Smart Door Lock Link on Tmall and Yunmi Mall. The original price of this gadget is 1299 yuan ($193) but potential buyers can get this product for 699 yuan ($104) presently. This is obviously a massive promo and the company did not say when it will end. The high-precision fingerprint module adopted by Yunmi interconnectible Smart Door Lock Link can prevent false fingerprints more effectively. It comes with a cloud-meter intelligent algorithm and the sensor can self-learn so that fingerprint recognition gets faster the more it’s used by the same finger.

This smart door lock supports a variety of door opening methods which include magnetic card opening, passwords, APP remote transmission passwords, combination unlocking, etc. This provides a flexible choice so that you are never shut out of your home.

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The Yunmi Smart Door Lock Link has a 360° all-round protection in security and anti-theft. First of all, in appearance, this device adopts all-aluminum alloy casing and anti-rust, anti-mite and anti-saw compatibility to prevent easy damage or physical damage by theft attempt.  Secondly, to improve the level of security, it also chose real mechanical mortise lock and key cylinder C-Class, an upgraded version of electromagnetic protection technology. Thus even if the front panel is damaged violently, the door will still not open. In addition, this smart door lock also comes with five anti-smash alarms, anti-duress alarm, pseudo-password alarm, low battery alarm, anti-test alarm and other five intelligent alarm system to better cope with various emergencies.

Yunmi Interconnected Smart Door Lock Link

The Yunmi Interconnected Smart Door Lock also has a unique highlight – that is, the whole house linkage. Once you open the door, all of your smart home appliances will start working as you wish. Say, the lights will turn on, the curtain will open, the conditioner will start working, etc. Here is a certain scenario of how it is linked to the other Xiaomi smart home products. Say, you are cooking something in the kitchen, and someone knocks on the doors. The smart doorbell will show who is at your door on the display of the refrigerator, at the same time activating the unlocking interface. So you can open it from any room.

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