Google will rectify a change of Android Q that users are not liking

Android Q 10

The first beta of Android Q is already here and although it brings many improvements, it also introduces some changes that users are not liking. In Android 9 Pie, you can swipe a notification to the left or right quickly to remove it, or do it slowly to show other options.

However, in Android Q the only way to get rid of a notification is by sliding it to the right since when you slide it to the left a button appears that allows users to interrupt a notification or postpone it.

Now, it seems that this change is not going to stay that way. According to a message from Google Issue Tracker, a future version of Android Q will include a new setting that will allow users to choose the direction in which they wish to swipe to reject a notification.

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This news has been published using an email address from Google, which means that it is most likely to be someone well informed.

What we do not know is what he refers to with “future versions of Android” since he could be talking about a next beta or a future major version. However, taking into account the criticism it has received, we can expect it to be incorporated in a future beta of Android Q.

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  1. PaperMaker
    March 29, 2019

    OR they can be less childish and let us remove the notifications on both sides like we want.

  2. Solar Fox
    March 29, 2019

    We know thet you have smart peoples there, but simply you can not compete with whole world (There are smart ppl out there who do not work in Google) and forcing peoples to use your opinion as final solution. We are consumers and sometimes You should listen what we want. Add new features as optional and peoples will use it if is good.