MIUI 11 will have many new features, starting with completely redesigned and unified icons

During a Q&A held with Xiaomi, MIUI product manager and design director has released some statements about what’s new in the upcoming MIUI 11 and he disclosed new features that will be added to the new version.

What will immediately catch the eye with MIUI 11 will be the completely redesigned interface, with system icons recreated from scratch and a unified design that will give a consistent look to the entire UI.

There are not many details released by Xiaomi in this regard, but some other little anticipation regards a new extreme energy saving mode, capable of deactivating all smartphone functions, except for calls and SMS, and transforming the entire interface in grayscale to save the remaining battery power.

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This energy saving mode will also be customizable in order to activate some functions that we want to use despite the system restrictions.

It also appears that the new version of MIUI will have new smart features like automatic deletion of screenshots from the gallery when they are shared, as well as a more coherent dark theme that will embrace more system applications.

It therefore seems that Xiaomi is actively working on MIUI 11 : how many of you can’t wait to see it and try it?


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