Huawei calls U.S. for fight claiming that they can’t compete with them


After being harassed and considered a national security threat by U.S. lawmakers worried that the communist government of China will force the company to gather intelligence for it, Huawei had enough of this talk. This combined with all the unverified talk that its products contain back doors ready to be a conduit for secret information sent to Beijing, and watching how U.S. official is trying to get allies to not use its 5G network solutions has Huawei’s executives ready to fight.

The company’s rotating Chairman Guo Ping, told CNBC today that the country is dragging its name and reputation through the mud just because the country is unable to compete with them. We don’t know if that declaration will win the U.S. officials or if it will make them angrier. Huawei has already shown its counter force against the country by using it over a law that bars the country’s governmental agencies from using Huawei equipment. According to the chairman, they are aware that the actions taken by the U.S. have certainly troubled the company, but it’s up to customers to decide whether or not to buy its phones and networking equipment.

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“Countries that choose to work with Huawei will gain an advantage in the next wave of growth in the digital economy.”

-Guo Ping, rotating chairman, Huawei

Despite not having any partnership with U.S. carriers, the Chinese Behemoth managed to ship over 200 million phones during 2018, placing it third globally after Samsung and Apple. This year, Huawei wants to go even further by surpassing both the South-Korean and the Cupertino’s giant, taking the crow of the world’s smartphone leader. In 2018, Huawei managed to generate a revenue of over $100 billion for the first time, led by the 45.1% gain in sales for the division that manufactures smartphones.

However, its networking equipment business suffered a year-over-year decline, possibly due to the fear imposed in other governments across the world by the United States. Still, the company remains at the top of the main networking provider in the world. Huawei is already banned in Australia, and the UK was very close to doing same, however, the British government still decided against banning Huawei’s 5G equipment.

With the things starting to be more intense between Uncle Sam and the Chinese giant, we don’t think that this fight is close getting close to an end.

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