Video: The iPhone XS Max is more resistant to falls than the Galaxy S10+

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The iPhone XS Max and the Galaxy S10+ are competing in a test video of resistance to falls. Both smartphones have suffered but Apple latest flagship has shown a better resistance while Samsung mobile loses particularly because the fingerprint reader stops working after a single fall on the screen.

In the drop test video that you can find at the end of the article, the PhoneBuff YouTube channel tests the most high-end smartphones from Samsung and Apple: the Galaxy S10+ and the iPhone XS Max. The Cupertino company has assured at the launch keynote of its iPhone XS/XS Max that the glass was the most resistant on the market, while the S10+ is equipped by the Corning Gorilla Glass 6 protection with resistance to 15 falls from a height of one meter.

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First, the resistance of the back of the two mobiles has been tested. After a fall, both were already damaged, but the iPhone XS is still a little better than its competitor. Then we go to a screen side fall, and once again neither of them comes out unscathed but once again the S10+ takes the most hits. And the bigger problem is that its fingerprint reader under the screen has become unusable. Note that the two phones are doing pretty well in terms of falling on a corner of the smartphone.

Finally, we move to multiple drops (10) on the slab. Here, the S10+ comes out easily and crushes the iPhone XS Max. the latter is stops working after only 3 falls, while the S10+ still works after the series of 10 falls. But this is insufficient to catch up with the other tests. The Galaxy S10+ gets a general rating of 34, against 36 for the iPhone XS Max.

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