Samsung Galaxy Fold display need some serious upgrade

Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold has been a subject of discussion ever since multiple reviews lamented about the fragility of the display. Although this smartphone has great potential, it appears that it is not just quite ready to hit the market. The phone’s foldable screen itself is prone to problems, but the trouble seems to be more than that. A few days ago, Samsung sent review units of this smartphone to different reviewers around the globe and it quickly became apparent that this device has a couple of problems. Some of them are listed below

  • When the Galaxy Fold is folded, the device is about twice the thickness of a regular smartphone and looks cumbersome.
  • The 4.3-inch front display is too narrow and has no use other than being used to make calls.
  • Compared to the mainstream full-screen smartphones, the top and bottom borders of the entire front display are very thick and look strange. Fortunately, the glass front panel is as durable as other smartphones.
  • The protective film on the display easily peels off from the left side. This film is deeply integrated with the display and if removed, the display malfunctions almost immediately. This is a bit too simple for a $1980 phone
  • There are indications on the display that continuous folding can cause a problem.
  • There is also an obvious crease in the middle of the screen, although the crease is not so obvious when watching videos. However, when you read a blog post or click on an app, you can clearly see the crease.

Galaxy Fold

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In all honesty, the Samsung galaxy Fold looks more like a concept device than a finished product. Although it is cool to have both a phone and a tablet in your pocket, the display has too many flaws that need to be handled. Users are better off spending $1,000 on a Galaxy S10+ and $250 on an 8-inch Samsung tablet, which saves about $750. Consumers who like Apple products can consider buying the $1,100 iPhone XS Max, plus the $400 iPad mini, which will cost $500.

In any case, the Galaxy Fold has great potential. Samsung or other companies will eventually improve the technology of foldable mobile phones. If such a device can have both the functionality of a mobile phone and a tablet, optimize the user experience of the software, and without these drawbacks, then it is likely to become the next hot mobile device.

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