Huawei ban : China to hit back at U.S with its own entity list

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While Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei isn’t a real proponent of a retaliative sanctions against U.S. tech firms, particularly Apple, the Chinese Authorities is already considering hitting back at US firms, even though Apple might not be the principal target. We reported earlier today that plans are on to curb exports of rare earth minerals to the United States if the need arises, and now, reports have emerged that a more stringent actions against US firms with business interest in China is on the way.

Similar to  US Commerce Department “Entity List” that bans Huawei and other Chinese firms from doing business with US firms, a statement from China’s Commerce Ministry says arrangement are on to establish an “unreliable entity list” which would blacklist foreign companies, individuals and organizations that violate local market rules.

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Gao Feng, a spokesman of China’s commerce ministry, had this to say on the matter (via TechCrunch):

Foreign enterprises, organizations, or individuals that do not comply with market rules, deviate from a contract’s spirit, or impose blockades or stop supplies to Chinese enterprises for non-commercial purposes, and seriously damage the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises, will be included on a list of ‘unreliable entities.’

Should the so called entity list come to fruition, it is not certain which firms and what limitations will be placed on firms that will eventually make the list. Though it is a common knowledge that the list will include U.S firms, and perhaps firms from countries that have since complied with U.S ban on Huawei and other Chinese firms.

We would have to wait for the exact details of the plan, since the spokesman of China’s commerce ministry has yet to further comment on the details, and at what time the list will come to light.

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