Ark compiler boosts Android’s performance beyond iOS – Huawei

On May 31, at the Honor 20 series new product launch conference, Zhao Ming, president of Honor, said that the Honor 20 series adopts “Ark compiler”, which is a revolutionary breakthrough for the Android system. He claims that after the processing by Ark compiler, the Android system can be comparable or even beyond Apple’s iOS.

Ark compiler

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Zhao Ming said that the presence of Ark compiler in the Android system gives unimaginable speed and operation space. Huawei best described Ark compiler as a golden finger. The company claims that after its processing, the application execution efficiency increased by 29%, the system operation fluency increased by 24%, the system response increased by 44%, and the third-party app operation fluency boosted by 60 %.

“This is an extremely huge upgrade. We have been looking forward to the Android system being able to surpass iOS. After the Honor 20 series was optimized by Ark, we have an experience comparable to the iPhone, and even in some respects we are better than it “, Zhao Ming said.

It is reported that the Honor 20 series also comes with five world-leading self-developed new technologies. In addition to the Ark, the series also has Link Turbo, Super Bluetooth, Super NFC, and more humanized intelligent assistant, YOYO.


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  1. Day Zero
    June 1, 2019

    Should be opensourced

    • George Dang
      June 2, 2019

      Nice thought, Google cuts Huawei off to support Trump’s trade war, but Huawei should share their tech back freely.

    • Day Zero
      June 2, 2019

      Why not? This way they would look like the good guy.

    • George Dang
      June 2, 2019

      Or they can grant free licenses to our rivals, and still look like the good guy, and champion for startups against American hegemony. Turning the other cheek and appease Trump is hardly a viable route to go.