Suspected Huawei Ark OS interface appears online


It is no longer news that Huawei is developing its own operating system which could be called HongMeng OS in China and Ark OS in other countries. In fact, this system has passed the trademark certification of the Chinese Trademark Office as well as the European Intellectual Property Office.

Recent reports show that Huawei applied for a smartphone interface patent in the name of “Huawei Ark OS”, “Ark” and “Huawei Ark” in the German Patent and Trademark Office in March this year. The patent application also includes a series of screenshots. However, it is not clear whether the screenshot belongs to Huawei’s forthcoming HongMeng/Ark system.

Huawei Ark OS UI

One of the screenshots has the phrase “Android Green Alliance” which suggests that the HongMeng/Ark system can be compatible with Android applications. The Android Green Alliance is jointly launched by Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, and Netease. It aims to create a safe, reliable and healthy application ecosystem. At present, many companies have joined. Previously, Yu Chengdong revealed that Huawei OS will be compatible with smartphones, computer, tablet, TV, car, smart wear, and more systems.

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Huawei Ark OS UI

Furthermore, the latest report from Global Times reiterated that this operating system would be called “HongMeng OS” in China but would go under the name “Oak OS” in other markets. In addition, Global Times said “Huawei is intensively testing its own operating system, to be named “HongMeng OS” for China market or “Oak OS” for the overseas market, which is likely to be launched in August or September, sources say.”

Google, on the other hand, has warned the Trump government that Huawei’s ban could be devastating to the US because the ban is now energizing Huawei to develop its own operating system. If Huawei’s system is successful, Android is bound to lose some patronage especially from the vast Chinese OEMs which will, in turn, compromise the US national interests.

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  1. xiaomieu
    June 8, 2019

    Barely anything of news!~

  2. Al Lucas
    June 12, 2019

    If Huawei hasn’t a back door large enough to fit Uncle Sam wearing his top hat, they won’t be able to sell devices using it in Canada. They did it to BlackBerry, they’ll do it to Huawei. Anyone doubting needs to revisit the Indian government’s refusing to allow BlackBerry to sell devices without a back door in India and how they never had to do the same with iOS and Android.

  3. delorane delorane
    June 19, 2019

    Why America target Huawei? During the Obama administration, Huawei, spearheaded by Meng WangZhou, the founder daughter from the first wife(he has 3 wives, the 3rd one is still a young lady, read up in Chinese forums and you will get it), was selling American Technology (HP, Hawlett Packard), using a fake shell company SKYCOM, financed by HSBC (Hongkong Shanghai Bank Corp) to IRAN. (Iran is the mortal enemy of USA and Saudi Arabia, who was ruled by the direct decendant of Muhammad S.A.W, the founder of ISLAM). So, Meng WangZhou, HP, SKYCOM, HSBC, IRAN. It is only after the Trump administration that they follow the lead and start to prosecute Meng. HSBC was irked when they found out about the Huawei Iran deal they financed. But Meng assured them and even personally presented a power point presentation to them. (which is now held as one of the evidence by US Court). HSBC Bank has been spared because they admitted of their wrongdoing and paid HUGE fines. So its not political implication for trump to go after Huawei, but they are just prosecuting companies that has been selling their technology to their enemy of the country. Oh. Just in case for those COMMIE TROLLS who are using youtube (which they are supposed not to do, since their firewall should prevent them), some Japanese has found out that if they chant “1989 Tiananmen Square protests, Falun Gong organ harvesting, Free Tibet” the China firewall will alert the authorities and block their internet. so here you goes 1989 Tiana