Huawei is preparing to sign a “no back door” agreement with India

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The Indian smartphone market is the second largest in the world. However, its 5G demand is not expected to be similarly large because of the nature of the market. India is basically a mid-range or entry-level market but it has the numbers. For now, all 5G smartphones are flagship devices. Thus we can safely say that 5G will reach maturity in India in a few years after we must have had multiple mid-range/entry-level 5G devices. Nevertheless, the Indian government is about to start a 5G spectrum auction, which is expected to generate $84 billion in revenue. Huawei has been actively fighting for the Indian 5G market and the US government is also trying to win over India to block the Chinese manufacturer.

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However, so far India has not followed the US proposal to ban Huawei. The country’s attitude toward 5G is related to European countries such as Germany, France, and Switzerland. Similarly, as long as the communications equipment company complies with security requirements, operators can select suppliers based on technology and commercial interests.

Recently, Indian media reported that Chen Jie, CEO of Huawei India Branch, said in an interview that Huawei is ready to sign a “no back door” agreement with the Indian government. Huawei also hopes that other original equipment manufacturers can also contact the Indian government and sign a similar agreement.

One of the key points of the US government’s attack on the Chinese company is that Huawei’s 5G equipment has a back door, leaving security risks. The US government even invaded Huawei servers to find insecure evidence but it didn’t find any. Huawei also denied the back door and other issues and said that it is willing to provide source code for US review, but the US is still unmoved and insists on rendering Huawei 5G insecure. Before India, Huawei also expressed its willingness to ensure equipment security through non-backdoor agreements in countries and regions in Europe.


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