Small handy discounted Xiaomi household gadgets from Ebay

household gadgets

Portfolio of products for the chinese behemoth Xiaomi is extremely extensive and it’s pretty easy getting lost in their stocks. Some of the products you have no idea even exist and it’s always a good idea to give them the spotlight they deserve. Today we have for you a pair of gadgets from Ebay just like that, both belonging to the Xiaomi Mijia family and will be surely welcome in your household.

First we have the new 2019 Xiaomi Mijia Mosquito Repellent to safeguard you during the hot summer months from the little inspect’s vampire attacks. The gadget is using a powerful single repellent tablet and can guard up to 28 square meters of space. Due to the low 24dB noise of the fan your sleep is not going to be disturbed at all and it also doesn’t generate any annoying odor. It’s powered by just AA battery and you can expect up to 90 days of mosquito-free nights. Controls are quite easy with just one button and it also supports 10 hour time mode and auto power off. This nifty little piece can be yours for only EUR 12.99 or if you buy in 3 pcs bulk, then it’s even better for just EUR 24.49.

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Then we have the Xiaomi Honeywell fire alarm smoke detector with the highest CCCF certification. Made from high quality anti-fire materials  it also carries on board intelligent smart processor and long lasting battery, which should be fine for about 5 years in normal conditions. You can use the smoke alarm individually without anything else, but it will really shine when connected to the Xiaomi Mijia Multifunctional Gateway or Mijia Air-conditioner companion. Then you can enjoy features like remote alarm, app auto-check and much more. There is no price high enough for security, but this particular  gadgets is not gooing to cost much, because it can be yours only for $25.89.

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