Huawei explains the advantages of SA/NSA 5G phones

The development of 5G network is now at its commercialization stage. There are some things we need to know about this new network. 5G smartphones can either support NSA (non-standalone) or SA (standalone) networking. As of now, the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G is the only dual-mode 5G mobile phone in the market. This means that it supports both SA and NSA networking.


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In a nutshell, NSA and SA are two phases of 5G network deployment. They are 5G specifications developed by 3GPP and share a common set of air interface physical layer specifications. Both NSA and SA can achieve 5G internet access. For the experience, there will be no difference in experience. The difference is that NSA can be understood as the 5G initial solution, and SA is the ultimate form of 5G, but the implementation is not a one-off.

Regardless of the 5G networking mode, Huawei 5G solution is indeed the only one that can implement dual-mode 5G networking. For the benefits of dual-mode 5G, Huawei’s official Weibo has just sent some explanations on how Huawei’s dual-mode 5G mobile phone works.

Huawei’s 5G smartphone supports both SA and NSA which gives the device a smooth transition to full 5G. NSA 5G phones currently make use of 4G infrastructure. Eventually, there will be a transition to 5G infrastructure and some adjustments will be needed. Finally, Huawei’s 5G dual-mode mobile phone supports 5G and 4G dual-card dual standby, which is currently the only 5G mobile phone that supports dual-card dual-standby. Other mobile phones can only use 5G single card.


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