Huawei officially responds to Nokia CTO claims on its 5G

Some weeks ago, Nokia CTO, Marcus Weldon, spoke about the 5G issue in an interview with the British media. He believes that Huawei’s 5G equipment “defects are obvious”…” some of the problems may be unintentional, such as no patching holes, upgrades, etc., but some problems are very obvious. It is confusing.”According to him, Huawei’s 5G security is actually not safe.


In addition, he agrees with the US action against Huawei. He also believes that the US crackdown on Huawei has made the market fair because Huawei has lost its unfair capital advantage. Nokia’s CTO’s position quickly caused controversy, and Nokia quickly issued a statement through the official website. The company said that its CTO’s words are not the official opinion of Nokia.

However, Huawei only recently responded to the CTO of Nokia. Huawei said that “We are not betting, we create facts” (previously Nokia CTO said that Nokia devices are safer bets).

First, Huawei refuted the argument that Nokia CTO implied that Huawei equipment was insecure. Huawei said that its product safety was thoroughly tested by world-class third-party agencies and was subject to the world’s most stringent security inspections (British National Cyber ​​Security Center inspections). Nokia CTO admitted that its equipment was not treated the same. Huawei asked whether the other party is willing to provide the source code for the same test.

Secondly, Huawei debunked the claim by Nokia CTO that Huawei enjoys an unfair capital advantage. Huawei said that the other party’s statement is insulting and unfounded. Huawei’s financing is transparent, simple and fair, and has been audited by KPMG, and pressure from the US has not made the market fairer.

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Finally, Huawei says that nothing is wrong with Chinese tech. Huawei said that Huawei’s products are of global supply chain quality. Only 30% of the components are from Huawei itself, and some of the European competitors are also produced in China. Nokia also produces in China. Huawei believes that Nokia CTO’s position may damage Nokia’s reputation. Since “Nokia CTO believes that Nokia devices are a ‘safe bet’, then Huawei can only say ‘don’t bet’.”


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