Huawei announces independence from US technologies in 2021


Huawei believes that it will be 100% independent of US technology by 2021. In an interview for Challenges, Zhang Minggang, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Huawei France, believes that the group will come out of this business still “stronger than before”. The company is developing an alternative OS to Android. While its HiSilicon subsidiary is working on ARM-free SoCs and semiconductors that do not use US patents.

Huawei is “preparing for the worst,” said Zhang Minggang, deputy general manager of its French subsidiary in an interview with Challenges. The telecom giant is working behind the scenes to deal with any eventuality as the consequences of the US-China trade war hit it hard.

Huawei ris eady to completely do without US corporate technology as early as 2021

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The mark must, therefore, be covered. “In 2021, if the situation persists, we will have our own technologies,” says Minggang to French media. He mentioned the “need to invest more massively to activate our plans B”. Which are still spare wheels, but says that they exist and that within two years. Huawei will be able to launch high-tech products without the need for a component designed by a US company or based on technology from the United States.

As a reminder, Huawei could be deprived of Google’s Android license and the ARM technologies that are used in its SoC house Kirin if no agreement is found. For the moment, the Trump administration lets prevail a situation of misunderstanding. The US is starting to allow US firms to provide Huawei. But suggests it is only a reprieve and the group remains at his mercy.

That’s why the brand is accelerating the development of alternative solutions. “We will come out stronger than before,” Zhang Minggang told Challenges. Huawei wants to keep Android, but works in parallel on HongMeng OS, its own operating system. According to some reports, this one would be faster than Android or iOS. but would suffer from a poorly supplied application store at launch. A weak point that has already cost a lot to other players. Who have tried to impose their mobile OS (Windows Phone, webOS …) on the market.

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