Xiaomi Mijia electric screwdriver (3.6V) raises almost $1 million in just over a day

A couple of hours ago, Xiaomi commenced the crowdfunding of its new Mijia electric screwdriver (3.6V) on Xiaomi Mall. This device has a 159 yuan ($23) crowdfunding price but the actual price is 199 yuan ($29). Well, the crowdfunding of this device is quite a surprise. Within the first hour, it already had over 10,000 orders. In just over a day (30 hours specifically), the crowdfunding has exceeded 6 million yuan ($872,000). This is well over the crowdfunding target.

Xiaomi Mijia electric screwdriver (3.6V)

The biggest feature of the Xiaomi Mijia electric screwdriver (3.6V) is its large torque of 5N.m. With this, it can easily install and disassemble lamps, furniture, and electrical appliances. This specification of torque is extremely rare in 3.6V electric screwdrivers. This also means that its internal component has extremely high requirements and the cost increases.

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The 2000 mAh large-capacity battery is another highlight of the Xiaomi Mijia electric screwdriver (3.6V). Most of the electric screwdrivers on the market have a battery capacity of around 1300-1500mAh. About 180 self-tapping screws and over 200 ordinary screws can be used in the electrical state. This is equivalent to the number of screws in 10 large bookshelves.

Xiaomi Mijia electric screwdriver (3.6V) design

The Xiaomi Mijia electric screwdriver (3.6V) adopts an innovative design (the company owns the design patent). It has no visible screws on the exterior while the outer casing is made of high-quality engineering plastics. Its heat/impact resistance is excellent which ensures that the deformation of this equipment is not easy.

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The innovative knob design can be easily operated. Turn to the left gear L to unscrew the screw and use the right gear R to screw in. The middle neutral circle to lock. Three LED lights are at the front end to form a ring light strip. When you press the start button, it will automatically light up to ensure that the user has a clear line of sight during operation.

The Xiaomi Mijia electric screwdriver (3.6V) provides 12 different types of high-quality S2 steel bits. The hardness is up to HRC60, more precise and durable and not easy to slip. At the same time, the S2 steel has better toughness and will not break easily even after an improper operation. The bit breaks and the debris does not splash, making it safer for home use. The advantages of S2 steel are also reflected in the durability and when compared to chrome vanadium steel, the service life is more than 20%.


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