SONOFF Mini 2-way smart switch on sale from Ebay


The concept of smart home is gaining more and more traction, when people are getting more interested into controlling their home devices from just phone apps. Or via voice commands using some of the smart assistant platforms like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. It’s still quite reserved for the slightly advanced geeks, because building the smart home is asking for a bit of a skill in electronics and electrics. And today we have something just for these geeks with cheap SONOFF Mini smart switches from Ebay.

SONOFF Mini smart switch is a DIY component for your smart home, which allows you to run devices in your house using the phone eWeLink app or just voice commands. You can time schedule the devices from the app, check the power-on state or just turn them off, let one SONOFF device trigger another one or just trigger full groups of switches together. It is a very handy and important component for your home control schemes even though it’s of course only one of the building blocks and you will need way more. Still a good start.

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And the pricing for SONOFF Mini smart switch is also pretty favorable, because you can either buy just a single one for only 6.69 euro or get more discounted bundles up to 20 pieces for just 113 euro. So it’s only up to you how far you want to let your inner geek go in building the smart home. Check it out directly on Ebay.

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