Guo Minghao: 2021 iPhone will support Face ID & on-screen fingerprint sensor

Recently, popular analyst, Guo Minghao, believes that 2021 iPhones will come with Face ID and on-screen fingerprint sensors. This will further enhance security and practical convenience. Guo Minghao said in the report that the on-screen fingerprint solution is very popular amongst Android phones in 2019. According to estimates, up to 4oo million Android phones will have an on-screen fingerprint sensor by 2020.

Guo Minghao speak on iPhones

He believes that the popularity of on-screen fingerprints is due to a balance between security and convenience. Apple is still interested in using the on-screen fingerprint sensor considering its recent application for a patent. Guo Minghao also believes that the on-screen fingerprint sensor technology will see development in the module thickness, sensing area, power consumption and fit yield.

The report predicts that Apple will launch a new iPhone with Face ID and on-screen fingerprint sensor in 2021. The expectation is that the security will increase while there will be ease of use due to multiple biometric functions. According to his report, Apple will most likely use Qualcomm’s large-area ultrasound technology. From his previous prediction, the new iPhone (2021) would support 5G. If we put all Mr. Guo’s predictions so far, the 2021 iPhones will come with Face ID, 5G& an on-screen fingerprint sensor.


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