Trump refuses to lift sanctions against Huawei, which remains “a threat to national security”


Donald Trump reiterated his grievances against Huawei. The US president still believes the group is “a threat to national security” and refuses to lift the sanctions pronounced three months ago. A 90-day deadline for continuing to work with US companies was instead granted to Huawei, but only so that US firms do not lose a large customer explains the US administration.

If Huawei will get a further 90 days to continue working with its US suppliers. The president of the United States told the press before taking off on board the Air Force One that he did not intend to relax the sanctions against Huawei because of the risks it represents for national security.

Donald Trump keeps the pressure on Huawei


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“Right now, it looks like we’re not going to do business with Huawei,” Trump said. “I do not want it because it is a threat to national security. And I really believe that the media have covered it a little differently,” he added. Visibly annoyed by the media treatment given to the case. He probably expected a Huawei bashing more pronounced from the press.

He said some of Huawei’s very specific divisions may be eligible for special treatment. But it would be “very complicated” to get there. Three months ago, Trump linked the fate of the Chinese company to the signing of a trade agreement with China. Which is still far from agreement. Larry Kudlow, National Economic Advisor, said the US Commerce Department has agreed to extend Huawei’s stay by another three months to continue working with US companies in the interest of US firms because the Chinese company is a big customer.

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  1. delorane three
    August 19, 2019

    true.. they should start decoupling. usa pull out their investments and factories in china and china pull out all their investnment in usa too. china and usa will and should never be friends or ally. they are fundamentally so different that they should be enemies and compete to be no.1 in the world. democracy and communism dictatorship should never mix.

    • hensk
      August 20, 2019

      You said ,USA to be Nr.1 police in the world,you’re wrong m8
      You live in 21st century not any more in 1999