Xiaomi MIUI 11 to come with a voice-to-text translation feature


Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, is still working on its MIUI 11 system. We expect a couple of new features with this system and the voice-to-text translation feature could be one of them. According to Xiaomi MIUI Forum geek news, Xiaomi MIUI 11 will come with a new feature called inter-finger call. According to the MIUI test screenshot, the inter-finger call means that the smart phone assistant can help you answer the call in the form of text.

Xiaomi MIUI 11

Xiaomi will create an option on the call slider which allows users to activate the inter-finger call with one slide. The voice of the other party will be translated into text in real-time. The text will appear on the call interface. In addition, XiaoAi can also intelligently provide some responses. After selecting a reply, XiaoAi will also answer the caller by voice.

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Xiaomi MIUI 11

As of now, not much information regarding MIUI 11 is available. However, netizens anticipate a new extreme energy-saving mode, capable of deactivating all smartphone functions, except for calls and SMS, and transforming the entire interface in grayscale to save the remaining battery power. This energy-saving mode will also be customizable in order to activate some functions despite the system restrictions. It also appears that MIUI 11 will have new smart features like automatic deletion of screenshots after sharing. This is in addition to a more coherent dark theme that will embrace more system applications.


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