OPPO ENCO Q1 headset will be officially released on September 10

Today, Chinese manufacturing giant, Oppo, officially said that its first headphone, Oppo Enco Q1 will be released on September 10. According to Oppo’s Vice President, Shen Yiren, “Oppo’s first wireless noise-canceling headphones will be “OPPO ENCO Q1” and it will use 4Mic FF+FB dual active noise reduction. “4Mic FF+FB dual active noise reduction” means “four microphones, feedforward + feedback mixed noise reduction”. Active noise reduction is divided into feedforward (FeedFore) noise reduction and feedback (FeedBack) noise reduction. At present, many noise-canceling headphones only use FF noise reduction.

Also, Oppo said that “this time will not be robbed by Shen Yiren.” Recall that the first announcement of this headset on Weibo was on August 19 and it was Shen Yiren (Oppo’s VP) who first made the announcement before official Oppo Weibo account made the post. In the Weibo video, Oppo teased this headset which it claims can cancel 100 types of noise



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Subsequently, this headset will arrive with a collar-style design. The neck ring has a streamlined curvature and the three-dimensional curve fits the neck. In addition, it uses a single-piece molding technology with no splicing gaps and ergonomic earplugs that fit the ear canal. In terms of colour, it is available in sunlight orange, black, and silver colours.

At present, the headset is not yet on the OPPO official website. This headset will officially arrive at 10:00 on September 10. Also, we do not know the official price OPPO ENCO Q1.


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