OnePlus will improve the closure of background applications

OnePlus 6

OnePlus is one of the companies that most listens to its community. If there is something that does not like or that the community asks to improve, the company does its best to carry it out. This is just what we are seeing with a problem that takes time on the company’s devices. We are talking about the process of closing applications in the background. All companies implement this automatic closure to preserve the battery and also the performance of the device. In some devices it is more aggressive and in others not so much. OnePlus system kills aggressively background apps.

Android is listed as the operating system that best manages applications in the background, because thanks to advances in processors and components, every day more improvements are allowed. The problem is that manufacturers put a limit on this feature and end up closing applications automatically. Today, OnePlus has announced that it will change the way it is done.

OnePlus will have a less aggressive closing process


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When your mobile close applications in the background, you can miss messages, alarms and all kinds of notifications. After a survey of the Don’t Kill My App page, the company detected that its users are not too happy with the way devices have to close applications in the background. OnePlus has not taken long to put a solution to this, or at least to announce it.

The company will change the system it currently uses to make it less aggressive. This will change the way in which OnePlus devices close applications in the background automatically. It is great news and another example of the commitment that some companies have with their customers and users.

This change should come soon in devices updates. The company has announced that it will contact developers to implement this change also in custom ROMs. We hope to see these changes in the near future and not only for new devices, but also for older ones.

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