Google Camera 7.0 comes with many new features


A store in Vietnam recently made the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL available to YouTubers. Presently, we already have a peek at the Pixel software customizations on top of Android 10. It appears that the Google Camera 7.0 is completely revamped with a lot of new features. Some of the notable changes include

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  1. Google repositioned the camera mode and it is now under the camera switch, shutter and gallery buttons. The front camera switch icon is surrounded by a circle to match the shape of the other two buttons. The new design gives room for users to see more of what they are capturing. This is because the bottom portion of the camera interface floats on top of the viewfinder (when shooting a 16:9 photo).
  2. In the camera app, the Night Sight focus level options now include “Infinity” focus option
  3. The top bar, which previously included options for timers, dynamic photos, and flash, has been replaced with a pop-up design in the middle of the viewfinder.
  4. The zoom and exposure sliders are smoother after adjustment, and the zoom slider at 7.0 also displays the zoom level.
  5. User can now start recording video by pressing and holding the shutter button in camera mode. Video recorded this way will be saved at 720p resolution, which also replaces the Smart Burst feature.

The images above show the General and Advanced Settings of Google Camera 7.0. It is expected that the new Pixel 4 series will be officially available at the Google launch conference on October 15th. In addition, other Pixel phones will receive a new version of Google Camera update next month.


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