Xiaomi MIUI 11 officially adds “earthquake warning” feature


Xiaomi will hold a press conference on September 24th where it will release a couple of 5G devices as well as the Xiaomi TV Pro and Xiaomi MIUI 11. Today, Xiaomi Product Director and MIUI Experience General Manager @MIUI Xiaofan disclosed in advance a life-saving function of Xiaomi MIUI 11: earthquake warning.

The earthquake warning feature uses a pop-up box to send a reminder to users. It reminds users when the network detects an impending earthquake that could cause strong ground shaking. It will also identify the seismic wave location, epicenter area, and the magnitude of the earthquake. After the warning countdown is over, an emergency help service will be provided.

Xiaomi To Use Seismic Waves From Impending Earthquakes

Seismic waves from earthquakes come in three forms: longitudinal waves, transverse waves, and surface waves. The longitudinal wave propagation speed is fast, about 5.5 km-7 km per second, but the destructiveness is small. The destructiveness of the transverse wave is large, as it causes the ground to vibrate before and after the wave passes. However, the propagation speed is slow (about 4 kilometers per second). The surface wave is the slowest and can only propagate along the ground surface. This is the major cause of strong damage to surface features.

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Xiaomi MIUI “Earthquake Warning” Feature – How It Works

The principle of the earthquake “early” warning system is to use the time difference from the faster-propagating waves to make predictions. Since these waves emanate from deep below the surface and move very fast, the warning period is usually in seconds. The faster longitudinal wave and the slower transverse wave has a relationship. Since the longitudinal relatively harmless wave arrives first, the arrival time of the associated destructive transverse and surface waves can be quickly predicted. The arrival time difference between these waves is usually very small. Theoretical studies have shown that if the warning time is 3 seconds, the casualty ratio can be reduced by 14%. If it is 10 seconds, the casualty ratio is reduced by 39% while if the warning time is 20 seconds, the casualty ratio can be reduced by 63%.

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Earthquake prediction is much more complicated than it seems. If Xiaomi is developing such a feature, it will take more than lab studies to confirm its authenticity. However, since it is dealing with warning within seconds, then the accuracy could really improve. This feature definitely looks ambitious. The prediction of seismic wave location, epicenter area, and magnitude is a very complex process. However, if Xiaomi can start this, other OEMs can develop it with the hope of perfection in the future.

MIUI Official Statement

@MIUI小凡 says:

In addition to life and work, we are also very concerned about the personal safety of everyone. Before SOS emergency help, there is another new member in the “MIUI Care Series” – earthquake warning.

We use system-level information access capabilities to work with organizations with sophisticated earthquake warning capabilities to provide timely warnings in the event of an earthquake.

When there is a strong earthquake in the surrounding area, the mobile phone will give you a few seconds to tens of seconds to remind you of the pop-up window and the alarm sound, to gain time for the risk-avoiding; in addition, we also provide the nearest emergency shelter. The rescue information card function helps you get assistance in a critical moment.

Hazard warning, emergency assistance, earthquake warning, and SOS functions together protect the personal safety of the whole family.

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  1. Andre John Cruz
    September 20, 2019

    interested to find out how they actually tested this thing.

    • EfeUdin
      September 20, 2019

      Its easy to artificially generate seismic waves…