A quick look at the top chinese phones in the market

chinese phones

There are many kinds of Chinese phones in the market today. In the US, you can get some of the most popular brands that have operations across the world. Companies like Huawei are now a popular name in the US. In the Chinese market, there are many more brands that are popular in China but relatively unknown elsewhere. 

Getting Chinese phones to the US is typically a difficult process that involves a lot of bureaucracy. This process has especially become difficult in recent times due to trade wars between China and the US. If you are looking to buy a Chinese phone, you should consider market issues. Let us look at some of the pertinent things to consider

The Best Chinese Phones Unavailable in the Us Market

The first thing to know is that some top Chinese phones are simply not available in the US market. Chinese manufacturers produce countless brands every year but most of them are sold in China and other parts of the world. When buying, therefore, you have the option of exploring the Chinese market for the brands that are not availed in the US. When doing so, you should watch out for the specifications. Some of the network bands and applications only work in China, so doing proper research is needed.

How You Can Test the Phones

Just like other phones, you can test the brands from the Chinese market with the usual benchmarks. The Antutu benchmark, Geekbench, and Ludashi among others are great for revealing the power and efficiency of the phone. Ludashi is particularly useful when testing Chinese phones since it is the most widely used tool in China. This benchmark works for GPU, CPU, RAM and other specifications. The overall scores of each phone will help you know how to categorize each phone.

Are Chinese Phones Worth a Buy?

When it comes to buying, the main question is whether it is of any value to buy a Chinese brand. The answer to this is – yes. Not only will you get a variety that you are probably unlikely to get in the US, but you will also have the chance to cut some costs when buying a phone in China. The Chinese market is huge and so many different phones are produced each year. If you are particularly looking to use the phone for things like trading the financial markets or other specialized uses, you might find the perfect pick from the Chinese market.

The best Chinese Phones in 2019

The Oppo Reno 10x Zoom

This phone is among those that are known for its great camera. The phone is aptly named 10x zoom to indicate its capabilities in the photography realm. The camera is not the only thing that this phone has going though. It has a great battery life and good performance. Even though there is no wireless charging, the overall performance of the phone is great.

Gizchina News of the week

The ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G

For anyone looking for a phone with all the best raw specs for 2019, this phone is a great choice. The phone has an amazing AMOLED display, a great UI and solid performance. As its name indicates, the phone is 5G-enabled, meaning that it is somehow futureproof. The phone is quite pricey though and its fingerprint reader is not the best.

Honor Magic 2

chinese phones

The Honor Magic 2 is another great choice for the camera and top performance enthusiasts. The phone has a great display and build. With almost nonexistent bezels and a great CPU, the phone will appeal to those looking for beauty and speed. On the downside, the phone has a custom UI that can be distasteful to some. The battery is also not up to par with its peers in the market. Overall, the phone is rather fitting for its price.

Huawei P30 Pro

chinese phones

The Huawei P30 Pro is a phone that many people might already know about. The P-Series phones have been in the US market for a while. This new phone comes with a great new design, great camera, and solid performance. The phone is however expensive compared to its peers in the market. If you are looking for a familiar Chinese that have been proven to be a performer though, this is the phone you should go for.

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