Oppo: All products above 3000 yuan ($421) will support 5G next year


The development of 5G is one of the main focus of the telecommunication industry. For now, 5G is quite expensive but the competition will soon drive down the prices. Earlier this year, 5G smartphones cost upwards of $800. However, the current cheapest 5G smartphone (Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G) cost just $520. Definitely, the price of 5G smartphones will further plunge before the end of next year. According to Oppo’s expert, Shen Jia, Oppo will support 5G for all products above 3,000 yuan ($421) next year.

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oppo reno 5G
Oppo Reno 5G

Actually, Oppo’s sales manager recently said something similar last week. According to him, the company plan to use the 3000 yuan ($421) price tag for 5G products next year. In terms of applications, Oppo is exploring the potential of combining 5G with cutting-edge technology. This includes cloud games, cloud photo albums, 5G HD multi-party video calls, and high-speed 5G network video downloads. With this, Oppo hopes to give users the best of 5G.

During the MWC19 Shanghai exhibition, Li Huiwei, vice president of China Mobile, said that China Mobile will promote the rapid price drop of 5G chips and terminals. At the end of 2020, it will launch 5G mobile phones from 1,000 yuan ($140) to 2,000 yuan ($281).  By 2020, there will be a preponderance of 5G devices and many of these products will come with friendly prices.


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