Lei Jun appeared in Spain, holding the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha

Xiaomi surprised everyone at the end of September when it showed a preview unit of the Mi MIX Alpha, a smartphone with an almost impossible design with a screen that wraps around the terminal except for a small area in the back that houses the 108MP camera. During a meeting in Madrid with some Mi Fans, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun brought the device with him, thus offering everyone the opportunity to observe it closely, focusing specifically on the aspects that make it particularly complex to produce.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha is a concept for practical purposes, but in any case it will reach the Chinese market by the end of the year at a price of around $2,800 at current exchange rates. Lei Jun reported that production will start on a small scale in December, although with some issues still to be resolved.

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Among these, there is mainly the difficulty of designing and assembling a terminal with a screen that takes up practically the entire surface. The methods of repair represent another of the aspects on which Xiaomi will have to work more: in case of need, in fact, the concept of Xiaomi requires the removal of the entire screen for any replacement of components. Not only is it an extremely fragile product, therefore. But it is also almost impossible to access it inside, if not at high costs.

It should however be kept in mind that the Mi MIX Alpha is and will remain a luxurious smartphone. Produced only in a few units. And also for this reason it is very unlikely that we will find it for sale on all markets.

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