Chinese carriers are preparing mouth-watering 5G packages

China Unicom

As of now, South Korea is still leading the 5G market in terms of the number of active users. However, it appears that the Chinese market will be taking over pretty soon. Although 5G services in China is not fully active yet, the Chinese carriers have already started the competition. China Mobile has taken the lead in opening an appointment for the 5G package.

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The details of the charges for the 5G package will be announced in October. Interestingly, China Unicom and China Telecom also quickly launched their 5G package appointments. At present, the number of appointments for the 5G packages of the three major operators is still very impressive. Currently, they collectively exceed 9.5 million, and the number of appointments is still increasing rapidly. The three major operators are vigorously promoting the 5G package in advance. This means that the competition in the 5G era is in full throttle.

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The main advantage of 5G networks is that the data transmission rate is much higher than the previous cellular network. It can get up to 10Gbit/s, which is faster than the current wired Internet and 100 times faster than the previous 4G LTE cellular network. Another advantage is lower network latency which is less than 1 millisecond while 4G is 30-70 milliseconds. Due to faster data transmission, 5G networks will not only serve mobile phones but will also become a general home and office network provider. It will actively compete with cable network providers.

Let’s take a look at how the three major Chinese operators are booking 5G packages. First, in China Mobile, users with 5 years or more on the network can enjoy a 30% discount on China Mobile 5G package. Those below 5years will enjoy 20% off.

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For China Unicom & China Telecom, users older than 3 years will enjoy a 30% discount. However, those who have spent less than 3years on the network will get only a 20% discount. This offer will be valid for six consecutive months. Chinese carriers are using these offers to woo customers even before 5G kicks off properly.


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