Huawei has over a dozen certified 5G smartphones


According to popular leakster on Weibo, Huawei has more than a dozen 5G mid-to-high-end mobile phones.  Some of these smartphones will come with the Honor brand name. These devices have got a couple of certifications thus they are ready to hit the market. It appears that Huawei is hearing up to take the 5G market by storm especially in China. 


In the 5G era, Huawei has a first-mover advantage in the chip field. Other brands must wait for Qualcomm’s 5G chips, so in the early days of 5G phones, Huawei can seamlessly produce mid-to-high-end 5G products. At present, Qualcomm’s chips are for flagship devices with flagship prices. Qualcomm 865 processor, the company’s first truly mature flagship 5G chip will need to wait until the first half of next year. Qualcomm’s schedule for a mid-range 5G chip will move even further down next year.

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The coverage of 5G networks and the release speed of 5G phones is astonishing. Many nations are giving their strong support and operators have also launched an appointment channel for the 5G package. In the near future, the 5G network will spread with a stronger user base. In addition, when 5G mid-range mobile phones finally arrive, we will see the preponderance of the 5G network application. 


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