Xiaomi Confirms RedmiBook With AMD Processor Coming In A Week

RedmiBook 14 Plus

Today, Xiaomi officially announced that the new RedmiBook products will use the AMD R5 3500U processor. Plus, the company disclosed the launch date of the new RedmiBook with AMD series. It’s set on October 21.

This is the first RedmiBook with AMD platform in the RedmiBook series. And it is the first time that Xiaomi has adopted an AMD processor on its laptops. AMD has always been known for its ultra-high processor performance, especially, the recently launched Ruilong series. Due to the powerful multi-threading performance and integrated high-performance APU, it has become one of the most demanded products on the market. When taking into account the same performance parameters, AMD platform products have obvious price advantage over Intel platform products. This also makes users look forward to the price/performance ratio of the new RedmiBook products.

RedmiBook with AMD

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As for the RedmiBook line, Xiaomi has launched a number of products since its debut in June this year. The first batch of RedmiBook 14 enhanced version equipped with Core 10 processor was sold out in various platforms such as Jingdong and Tmall. However, it’s not accidental. We mean this laptop is priced at 4,000 yuan ($564). So we can say Redmi has already achieved the ultimate price/performance ratio. With AMD, the RedmiBook will freshen the competition in the 3,000-yuan notebook niche.

AMD R5 3500U Features

As said, the new RedmiBook products will use the AMD R5 3500U processor. The normal version of the AMD R5 3500U has the maximum power consumption limit. When the notebook is fully loaded, there will be CPU and GPU down-clocking. However, the full-blood version does not have this limitation, and the CPU and GPU performance can be maximized at the same time. In the style of Redmi, the new product will be equipped with the full version of the R5 3500U. This also shows that the new RedmiBook will have a better heat dissipation performance.

The AMD R5 3500U adopts quad-core and octa-thread design. The highest frequency reaches 3.7GHz. Also, it has a powerful multi-threaded computing performance. The biggest highlight is the integrated Vega 8 GPU, which has nearly 1 set performance compared with the same level of Intel competing products. In other words, the AMD R5 3500U has better gaming performance and lower price than comparable Intel processors.

At present, the notebook products with the AMD R5 3500U processor are generally sold at more than 3,500 yuan ($493), while the products with the full-blooded R5 3500U processor are generally priced at more than 4,000 yuan.

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