Google Pixel 4 90Hz refresh rate is not always active

Google Pixel 4

Google announced a few days ago its new smart devices to try to compete with the rest of mobile phone manufacturers. The new Google Pixel 4 are great devices, although in many ways they are not the best. Its design has already received criticism of all kinds. Today we are not here to criticize the work of Google designers, but to talk about the Pixel 4 screen. We have already told you that it is the best in the entire market according to DisplayMate, but there is something that has escaped. It has to do with the refresh rate it uses on a daily basis.

The new Pixel 4 have been announced with a refresh rate of 90Hz, something that all high-end devices should have today. It is one of the best advances in the market when we talk about screens and Google wanted this detail in its terminals. Of course, it seems that it has not been implemented as it should, or at least, not as users would like.

The 90 Hz of the Google Pixel 4 does not run all the time

Pixel 4 XL

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Indeed, Google has made a kind of trap with the refresh rate of 90 Hz. This is not implemented all the time in the interface or the applications, but is occasionally seen when displaying the animations for a few seconds. Several analysts have complained that the 90 Hz of the Google Pixel 4 are not as good as those of the OnePlus 7 Pro and it really isn’t. The problem is that Google does not always implement them. Most of the time the screen is displayed with a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

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This makes the experience not entirely good and the refresh rate jumps when you perform a different action. But, fortunately, If you want a 90 Hz screen all the time, you can have it without problem.

Developer options allow you to force 90Hz always

In the developer settings of Google Pixel 4, there is a somewhat strange option. This allows forcing the 90 Hz of the screen so that they are always present. This confirms the above and explains several of the criticisms that the refresh rate has been taken.

Why not always implement 90 Hz? The reality is that Google has manufactured some devices with somewhat rare batteries. The small of the duo has only 2,800 mAh and the largest with 3,700. This makes the autonomy of the terminals less than that of its competitors. So Google decided to implement the 90 Hz only on some occasions.

The reality is that if you force the highest refresh rate you will have an even worse autonomy than the one presented by Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL just out of the box. Of course, you will enjoy greater smoothness throughout the interface and applications.

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