Google lured us with free services, now we have to pay

In retrospect, Google had a very smart strategy, because the group has repeatedly advertised with free products. Such as advertising is designed to lure users into terrific free products. In the meantime, the company is reducing its free offerings considerably, and storage in Google Cloud is becoming a pay-as-you-go subscription.

In the past, Gmail, Photos and Co. not only had more free space for free, but some special offers were also much more generous. It’s different today. Google is no longer offering unlimited photo storage in the cloud to buyers of its Pixel smartphones, and the optional Google One subscription is also free for only three months. Similarly, the offer for Chromebooks 100 GB of cloud storage is less long free.

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Google wants to make money and the demand for users is growing

In the past, we use a few gigabytes in the cloud. For Drive and Gmail, users does not need much, photos can be saved for free in high quality on Google Photos. However, the needs of users are changing and the cloud storage demand is increasing. The company foresaw these user scenarios several years ago. First, you entice the users with free services, then you tie them with smart innovations in the long term and make them pay for the same services later. So in recent years, the American manufacturer has paved the way for making new money in addition to online advertising through other means.


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1 Comment

  1. Cyril Dieudonne
    October 25, 2019

    Well, yeah… It’s smart. No problem with this I think. Users who believed they could live in an ALLFREE service world are a bit dumb. Of course the company will try to make money. Would be scary if they didn’t.