Project Treble is working positively, reveals Google

Android 10 update

Google has taken various measures in recent years to ensure that Android smartphones get updates faster and easier. Project Treble is one of such measures. Now, manufacturers can quickly update devices by modularizing the operating system. Introduced with Android 8, it should be able to play its advantages for the first time with Android 9. Recall that Android 9 beta testing was done by about seven models from 7 OEMs. This year, 12 OEMs and 18 devices were involved with Android 10 beta. According to Google, this is a significant increase over the previous year. It also shows that Project Treble is having an impact.

Project Treble

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Google reveals that before the arrival of Android 9, Android 8 adoption rate was 8.9%. However, before the arrival of Android 10, Android 9 adoption rate was 22.6%. This implies that after the adoption of Project Treble, the speed of adopting a new system by manufacturers has increased. Google said

In late July, 2018, just before Android 9 Pie launched in AOSP, Android 8.0 (Oreo) accounted for 8.9% of the ecosystem. By comparison, in late August 2019, just before we launched Android 10, Android 9 (Pie) accounted for 22.6% of the ecosystem. This makes it the largest fraction of the ecosystem, and shows that Project Treble has had a positive effect on updatability.


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