Twitter: the true dark mode arrives on Android


After a very long wait, Twitter has officially arrived in its darkest variant even for smartphones with Android. The update was released during the last few hours after a few months from the first official sighting on the beta channel of the platform. In reality, two different variants of the aforementioned mode arrived in practice.

On most platforms, Twitter has long offered a dark mode which replaced the blinding white background with a more subdued blue hue. Twitter for Android and iOS even allow this dark mode to be triggered automatically based on sunset.

Twitter’s ‘Lights Out’ dark mode rolling out on Android

However, with AMOLED screens becoming more common in phones and tablets, demand increased for a “true-black” alternative, which debuted on Web and iOS earlier this year as “Lights Out.” After months of teasing and spotting early versions in Twitter Alpha and Beta, today Twitter has begun the wider release of Lights Out mode.

In order to enable the mode, we will have to do some essential steps manually. Let’s go inside the Display and sound settings section of our Twitter application and start combing through it. We will find the two options available there with the first one mentioned. Which will return a color much more tending to dark blue. The second one will be completely black and. If you have an OLED display in your hands, you will enjoy its general beauty on a dark background.

If instead, you want to leave everything in hand to your device. You can also go to enable the function dedicated to the automatic recognition of sunset and sunrise in general. In such a way as to make the system decide how and when to switch to this mode. An interesting move and that, especially in the evening, could also help you to avoid being blinded by the display of your smartphone.

Obviously this is a free update for all users of the Twitter platform. You can already find these two new features in the latest version of the application downloadable from the Play Store.

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