Microsoft to re-position its Bing search engine

According to the latest report, Microsoft is repositioning Bing as the company’s search engine. According to the company, Bing has a 25% share of the US search engine market. However, StatCounter Global Stats data shows that on a global scale, Bing’s market share is only about 3%. In contrast, Google’s share is as high as 93%. While Google is dominating the search engine market, Bing is driving search capabilities for applications such as Outlook and Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Bing

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Microsoft may be wisely turning Bing from a general-purpose engine to an engine that is specifically for meeting business needs. Companies can now create private, internal search results on Bing, allowing their employees to save time searching for information.

The types of search that Bing hopes to provide include: office location and floor plan (with direction), the meaning of company acronyms, and details of internal policies (such as how long is maternity leave?). Microsoft also introduced a better Edge web browser to turn off tracking cookies on any website. In addition, it also provides a feature for reviewing phishing.

Microsoft is in a good position to re-position Bing because it accumulates a large amount of data by connecting multiple services. These services contain information from Fortune 500 companies, such as usage trends, meeting times, and team information.

Bing has also become smarter. Microsoft claims that users can now type in a vague search term and still pick up the most accurate information. Its new features also provide recommendations for employees with specific skills, expertise and experience. Furthermore, it will even indicate the specific work that people are doing.


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