Ericsson signs 4G/5G contracts with the three major Chinese operators

Ericsson CEO on 5G

Ericsson is a Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company headquartered in Stockholm. Recently, the company signed 5G contracts with the three major carriers in China. At the Second China International Import Expo in Shanghai, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom, all put pen to paper with the Swedish company. However, the details of each contract are obviously different.

5G network

Ericsson 4G/5G contracts with Chinese operators

China Mobile contract: China Mobile and Ericsson will continue to cooperate in the field of mobile communications in 2020. China Mobile intends to purchase from Ericsson, including wireless network main equipment (5G, 4G), core network main equipment, various network optimization, and professional technical services. In addition, the two sides released a series of new products and solutions for 5G and future networks, such as the world’s first 4.9GHz new room product 4.9GHz 5G NR DOT. Furthermore, they also cooperate in 5G cloud-native edge cloud joint research results and POC; 5G smart network joint research results and POC.

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China Telecom contract:: From 2020, China Telecom and Ericsson will cooperate in the field of mobile communications. China Telecom intends to purchase communication equipment and services from Ericsson. The procurement of equipment will include a mobile core network and wireless network master equipment (4G LTE). In addition, it will purchase 4G EPC, VoLTE vIMS, VoLTE SBC, 5G), DCP platform application, 5G pilot construction, 5G network construction, 5G domestic and international advanced technical training, various network optimization and professional technical services.

China Unicom contract: In 2020, Ericsson and China Unicom will continue to carry out friendly cooperation in the field of communications. The scope of cooperation involves 5G commercial network construction, enterprise private network, and vertical industry business development. It also involves artificial intelligence and automation technology in the network test and scale Promotion, LTE expansion and evolution, Internet of Things, professional services, etc. Furthermore, China Unicom (including its subsidiaries and affiliates) intends to purchase mobile communication equipment and services from Ericsson.

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Ericsson’s Plan

Ericsson’s President and CEO, Borje Ekholm, was at the Shanghai Expo. He clearly expressed that “Ericsson will firmly invest in the Chinese market and strengthen its willingness to cooperate with China.”

At present, Ericsson has signed 5G commercial agreements and contracts with 75 operators around the world. In addition, it currently supplies equipment to 22 officially operating 5G commercial networks in 14 countries. Also, Ericsson has reached a publicly available 5G contract with 29 operators.


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