iPhone 11 Pro Max Scores 117 Points at DxOMark, Ranking Third

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Today, DxOMark officially announced the camera review score of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It turns out Apple’s current flagship iPhone got 117 points. And with this result, it ranks third. By the way, the photo score is 124 points, while the video score is 102.

In the test report, DxOMark pointed out that the iPhone 11 Pro Max camera performed well in almost all areas of testing. For example, when taking pictures, the exposure is very good. It has a very wide dynamic range in light and indoor conditions. The color reproduction of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is also very high. DxOMark believes that color performance is the best in its class (under any lighting conditions).

iPhone 11 Max Pro

In addition, DxOMark praised Apple’s Deep Fusion technology. As you know, it allows the new iPhone to improve in detail and texture. It can better display freckles, pet hair, and the likes. This makes the iPhone 11 Pro Max quite effective in landscape and portrait modes. The only downside is that the details are degraded in low light conditions. As for the noise, although it is improved compared to XS Max, it is still visible.

The telephoto lens of the iPhone 11 Pro Max has also been improved. So, the photo quality has been improved when zooming.

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iPhone 11 Pro Max

The night view mode test is a new addition to DxOMark. Not surprisingly, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is rated as the best performer under this test.

In terms of video, DxOMark said that the score of the iPhone 11 Pro Max 102 is the highest so far. It is consistent with the Xiaomi CC9 Pro exclusive version. The iPhone is one of the few devices that can take HDR video. So the dynamic range is very wide. Its color rendering is also pleasing. The video focus is very smooth, and the tracking effect is also very good.

On the iPhone 11 Pro series, Apple for the first time used a triple-camera design. The three lenses include the wide-angle, super wide-angle, and telephoto lenses. Each of them has a 12MP resolution. They support 2x optical zoom, 10x digital zoom, OIS, and can shoot 4K @60fps video.

On the current DxOMark rankings, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro is the first with 121 points, including the photo score of 132 points. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G and Galaxy Note 10+ are on the second position with 117 points.

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  1. Subramoniam K S type
    November 9, 2019

    Guys this is interesting and am surprised. The images from I 11 pro max looks amazing when comparing to that of note 10 plus. I have recently shifted from note 10 plus to I 11 pro max. Seriously this is I can’t able to understand