WhatsApp error could be draining your battery – Check here to be sure

WhatsApp Battery drain
If you are experiencing a rapid battery drain of recent, WhatsApp could be the problem. Well, this only affects users who have the latest version of the messaging app. One Reddit user said: “A week ago, I noticed that the battery on my OnePlus 6 started draining faster than usual. This coincided with an update of WhatsApp which I installed on my phone…My phone strangely shows that WhatsApp used battery ‘While in active use’ for 1.5 hours, which is not true since I only opened the app for a minute.”
A user of a OnePlus smartphone had this to say on Google Play Store review: “Battery Leech! Ever since the last update, WhatsApp’s background activity consumes the battery like it’s free cupcakes. 25% in 2 hours according to the battery usage overview…And that’s even though I restricted background activity when I found out. That’s ridiculous. Please fix your app.”

Cause of problem and possible solution

As of now, there is currently no word on what is causing the problem or how wide the issue spreads. Nevertheless, we are certain that this issue comes with WhatsApp’s latest version for Android. As of now, there is no information on the solution so we suggest that you uninstall the latest version. Then, you can get an older version from a friend via any app transfer medium. We’ll update this article if we hear more about the battery drain glitch. Nevertheless, you need to check if your WhatsApp is significantly draining your battery

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