The Galaxy S11 would have almost the same design as Note 10

With the Galaxy S11, Samsung could have made the choice to do without the hole in the screen for the benefit of a camera like some models on the Galaxy A-line. But, it seems that the pierced screen will be well and truly return. According to the Ice Universe leaker, it is now certain that the Galaxy S11 screen will have a hole placed in the top center as on the Note 10. Another interesting detail, the hole would also be much thinner and discreet than on the current models.

The Galaxy S10 is the first Samsung model to introduce an Infinity-O display with an asymmetrically placed hole in the upper right corner. The Galaxy Note 10 followed a few months later with a similar deal, but the hole in the center made a huge difference in terms of rendering. The Korean manufacturer has decided in all likelihood to stay on the same layout with its next flagships. To provide an idea of ​​what this might look like, Ice Universe has released a 3D rendering of the Galaxy S11 based on the information gathered so far.

Galaxy S11: five different variants with larger sizes

According to a previous leak, the Galaxy S11 will come with five variants with larger sizes than its predecessor. Of them, we will have variants with curved screens at the edges, but not as much as the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

“It is certain that the hole of S11 is at the center, but it is smaller than Note10. By the way, the upcoming vivo S5 will be the smallest hole phone in 2019, only 3.x mm, which is a comparison picture with Note10 and S10”. said Ice universe.

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