Google Pixel 4 has fixed camera auto white balance problem

Google Pixel 4

Google has released an update patch that fixes some of the automatic white balance issues on Pixel 4. These issues were spotted by multiple users sometime last month. The fix is ​​part of the November security patch and has been pushed to all Pixel devices. However, the camera fix is ​​only available for the latest models.

A few days ago, Reddit users noticed the Pixel 4 automatic white balance problem. The observation shows that it tends to deliberately correct strong colors. When taking a picture in a room with only a red light source, the phone turns the room yellow instead of red. A user took images of dark red cinema curtains. After the Pixel 4 camera processed the images, it looked very pale pink.

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Google Pixel 4

The problem seems to be due to the new machine learning-based automatic white balance algorithm from Google. This causes an abnormal image processing. According to analysis, machine learning is not completely reliable. When displayed as a completely red room, the machine learning system may not know how to handle it. Thus, it will attempt to eliminate red, so that the image has two other primary colors, blue and green. These colours combine together to produce a yellow image.

However, the latest update takes care of this issue. The Google Pixel 4 now correctly renders the red space to red.


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